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At Rochdale Golf Club we have a fantastic function room available to hire for our members. The room/s can be segregated into two individual sections, these being, the Restaurant (110 covers), Bay Window (30 covers).

N.B. The TV lounge cannot be let before 21:00hrs on Saturday.

The rules for holding private parties in the Clubhouse are as follows:- 

1.         The Function must be for a Member or immediate family member (Grandparents, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren) of his or her family.

2.         The Member applying is to be totally responsible for the behavior and all action of guests.

3.         No outside caterers will be allowed.

4.         All Club rules must be fully observed.

5.         The application must be by a Member only.

6.         Functions will not be permitted on the days of Club functions.

7.         The maximum number attending to be agreed with the Office.

8.         Music will be allowed.

9.         The function must be approved by Council.

If you wish to hold a private function at the Club please contact the Office with all details, for submission to Council.

The Council reserves the right to amend any of the above mentioned conditions without prior notice.

ROOM HIRE DEPOSIT                           £100.00 Plus VAT


The following room hire charges apply:-

General Event Hire       

FOR 1 ROOM £100.00 Plus VAT

FOR 2 ROOMS £150 Plus VAT

Weddings                       £200.00 Plus VAT(Per Room)

Listed below are qualifications for discounted room hire charges:-

General Event Hire

Full male and Full Lady Members (incl. senior citizens)       100%

5 Day Male and Restricted Lady Members                            50%

All other membership categories                                           20%


Full Members                                                                          50%

Social Members                                                                      20%

A minimum of 50 people per room are required to qualify for the above rates. 

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Room Hire Terms and Conditions

1. Fair Trading Terms

Rochdale Golf Club Limited (“The Club”), requests that Clients are aware of the following terms and conditions for private reservations or events (eg. conferences, meetings, exhibitions, functions, banquets and other group bookings), to the exclusion of all/any other terms and conditions and subject to English Law.

2. Reservations.

A booking is only guaranteed when confirmed in writing by email or letter.


The Club will require a deposit (room bond) unless agreed otherwise and this should be paid within fourteen days of booking – the Club will treat the reservation as unconfirmed until the deposit has been received.

 Deposits will be repaid in full after the date of the event once it has been confirmed by the Bar Manager that no damage was caused or extra cleaning required.

The Club will issue a Room Hire Invoice (where applicable) one month prior to the event date, this must be paid in full to the Club Office within fourteen days of receipt.

3. Cancellation Charges

In the unfortunate event that it is necessary for you to cancel your reservation(s), please ensure you notify us as soon as possible, either in writing or by email to the above address.
The Club will withhold all or part of the paid deposit (room bond) based on the following criteria:

For All Bookings (Events, Conferences or Functions)

Percentage of Deposit Retained by the Club

Cancellation more than 6 months prior to function date


Cancellation less than 6 months prior to function date


The Club will endeavour to mitigate any loss, but any resulting costs (eg. advertising, commissions) will be included.

4. Cancellation by the Club

The Club reserves the right to cancel any reservation under the following conditions: a) the Club or any part of it is closed due to circumstances beyond its control, b) the Client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or receivership, c) to avoid a breach of these conditions, d) if it may prejudice the reputation, or cause damage to the Club.  In any of these circumstances, the Club will refund any advance payments, but will have no further liability to the Client. 

5. Variations


The Club must agree any variations to the details of the reservation(s) of any kind.  Any price variations beyond the control of the Club (eg. VAT increase) will be passed to the Client.  The Club reserves the right to make changes to any aspect of the reservation where this is essential to the Club’s operation, and will endeavour to notify the Client accordingly. 

6. Responsibility


The Club cannot accept responsibility for the property of the Client or guest, on any part of the premises, whether internal or external, and Clients are advised to consider third party personal or group insurance as applicable.  It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the behaviour of your guests meets the expected standards of the Club at all times.  Issues of swearing, abuse towards staff, smoking within the non smoking areas, non-members entering the “Members' Only” area and encroaching on the playing areas of the course will not be tolerated.  If any such issues arise you will be asked by the appointed responsible member of staff to restore order immediately.  Failure to comply with this instruction could a) result in your bond being withheld and b) the bar being closed and all guests being asked to leave the building.

7. Client’s Use of the Club/Damage


The Client is responsible for any damage caused to Club property, furnishings, fittings or equipment, or by any member of their party, sub-contractor or guests. The Club will require immediate payment to remedy any damage caused.  It is recommended that appropriate insurance is obtained to cover any liability.  Alterations may not be made to the fabric of the Club without consent from the Club. All Clients must comply with the regulations of the Club, whether internal or enforced by third parties, including licensing, health and safety, and fire. Clients may not consume food or drink within the Clubhouse or boundary which has not been supplied by the Club or its authorised Caterers. Any advertising material incorporating images or logos of the Club, must be agreed by the Club prior to use.

8. Members' Only Area


  1. All Members (including the event sponsor) are permitted entry to the “Members' Only” area whilst attending a private function.
  2. As a member of the Club, you agree to waive your rights to sign a non-member (or multiples of) as your guest/s to enter the “Members Only” area of the Club.

These agreements remain valid for the duration of your event.


9. Dress Code


There will be no formal dress code restrictions for the event.  However, we ask you to be mindful that Members of the Club comply with a dress code and therefore request that you suggest to your guests that “Smart Casual” dress should be worn.


10. Provision of live or recorded music


All doors and windows, including entry to the balconies, must remain closed at all times whilst live or recorded music is being played.  Once again, abuse towards the staff with regard to this issue will not be tolerated and may result in the bar being closed and all guests being asked to leave the building.  In this eventuality, no refund will be given.